User Guide

This guide provides details of how to create an LTE small cell using the LibreCellular Reference Hardware Platform and software stack.


There is still a great deal of testing that needs to be done and there are likely to be performance issues and perhaps even bugs. In addition to which, only basic core network functionality is provided at present.

The following steps are required in order to create an LTE network:

  1. Spectrum Licensing

  2. Hardware Setup

  3. Software Installation

  4. Network Configuration

  5. Subscriber Provisioning

  6. Running the Network

The first step, to obtain a spectrum licence, may not be neccessary if your organisation already has access to spectrum. Or perhaps alternatively, if you plan to carry out testing with a cabled configuration or inside an RF screened facilitity. However, please note that such testing is outside the scope of this guide and it is assumed that advanced users will be capable of carrying out any additional configuration to ensure that signals are suitably attenuated.

If your use would require a spectrum licence and you do not already possess one, it is strongly recommended that you apply for this first, as it may take some time to process and an application may even be rejected if spectrum is not available at a given location.


LTE networks operate in licensed spectrum and operating equipment without a licence from the regulatory authority in your country is likely to be a crime punishable under applicable law.