The LibreCellular project aims to make it easier to create 4G cellular networks with open source software and low cost software-defined radio (SDR) hardware. Seeking to achieve this via validated hardware and software configurations that are subjected to rigorous testing, together with additional tooling and documentation for repeatable deployment.

LibreCellular will build on the work of numerous existing open source software and hardware projects, related to both the cellular platform itself and associated test infrastructure. Where necessary additional components will be developed, with any software source code and hardware designs published under open source licences. The focus is very much on integration, testing, packaging and documentation, reusing and building upon existing solutions.

The first task is to put in place a continuous integration (CI) platform, complete with SDR base station, test equipment, RF distribution network and LTE modem banks. Once this is operational the focus will then switch to cellular stack integration, packaging and documentation.

LibreCellular is hosted as a MyriadRF project.

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